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Metal production
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We have 20 years of experience in metal fabrication. We are able to supply you with metallurgical materials of all grades, especially hot rolled sheets and reinforcing steel. Our partners include leading Czech companies.

Car lease and servis
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We deal with professional service and rental of higher class vehicles and sports vehicles designed for competitions in the Rally category. We are able to provide you with classic luxury vehicles, super sports cars and special competitive vehicles designed for the most demanding clients.

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We invest, and at the same time, we are supporting interesting projects. We can also evaluate them very well. Because we have many years of experience, you can expand your portfolio and we can provide finance.

Property Rental
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Looking for an attractive and representative place to work, live or recreate? We will offer you one of the most lucrative places in the Czech Republic. We are the owners of several properties among which are commercial and warehouse space.

Production of composite parts
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Thanks to our specialists, we are able to produce even the most demanding parts in the automotive industry through carbon fiber with microfiber technology. We produce the highest quality carbon parts for sports cars and motorcycles.

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